BValue is an independent firm that provides consulting services and specialized advice in: Executive Coaching, Leadership, Strategy, Administration and Finance.

We provide services to executives, private, and public companies. Our passion for excellence rules everything we do and we are committed to provide a reliable and outstanding quality service.

Individuals, companies, and institutions seeking significant achievements —either professional, personal, or both— can receive our support, a different perspective, to trigger their full potential in accordance with their own goals and values.

Our Solutions

We can contribute to your personal and professional development by helping you:

Optimize your strategic thinking

Strengthen your skills for change

Enhance your decision making skills

Improve your skills to deal with conflicts

Act effectively and respond skillfully to attain your goals

Improve your communication skills and thus your personal, family, and business relationships

Improve your image by improving your inner self-dialogues

Keep up your learning desire

Identify and consolidate strengths

Identify weaknesses and turn them into strengths

With BValue you have at your service over twenty five years of professional experience, strategic thinking, and committed customer service.

Our work can be objectively assessed and plays a fundamental role in the attainment of business and executive goals.

BValue ensures senior-level attention to its clients from start to finish, resulting in highly reliable advice. The combination of academic and practical experience is at your service to generate a thorough understanding of value drivers in order to trigger your full professional and personal potential.

Do you have questions? We have the answers